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Supporters, associates & defenders apologist apparatchik Arian cadre canvasser claque crony defender disciple handmaiden henchman new/fresh new blood idiom partisan patron protagonist recruit sidekick stakeholder sympathizer Indeed-guy See extra results »

‘A member of your Get together and also a former commerce minister, he is considered an advocate of free of charge-marketplace procedures.’

… it is sensible to begin with … an excellent medium-body weight Chardonnay for that wine aficionados. I advocate 1 with somewhat oak and lots of fruit …

"Advocate" is in a few languages an honorific for NRI Legal Services, like "Adv. Sir Alberico Gentili".[2] "Advocate" also has the every day that means of Talking out that will help someone else, including individual advocacy or maybe the support envisioned from an elected politician; People senses aren't protected by this short article.

1 : one who pleads the reason for another especially : one who pleads the cause of Yet another in advance of a tribunal or judicial courtroom two : one who defends or maintains a cause or proposal an advocate of liberal arts education and learning three : a person who supports or promotes the interests of a lead to or team a shopper advocate an advocate for Women of all ages's well being He has paid out respectful awareness to the house schooling movement by Assembly with its advocates and endorsing their result in.— Elizabeth Drew advocate

, "Pharmacist denies lady miscarriage drug on ethical grounds," 25 June 2018 Theirs is just not the primary generation to push for decreasing the voting age; teenagers are actually advocating with the adjust For a long time. — NBC News

Backing, supporting & defending -backed adopt argumentation bale out bear at the rear of each fantastic/successful person there stands a lady idiom carry favour proper behind sb idiom discuss sponsor stake stand by sth stand for sth stick supportive sympathy just take sb's element idiom uphold worship for the shrine/altar of sth idiom See a lot more success »

NRI Legal NRI Legal Services Services & authorized officials articled NRI Legal Services attorney normal bailiff bar coroner counsel counsellor defence draftswoman organization I rest my circumstance idiom KC law clerk marshal procurator fiscal prosecution prosecutor prosecutorial public defender See far more effects »

They are phrases frequently utilized together with advocate. Click on a collocation to check out far more samples of it.

Just about every State has a Bar Council of its possess whose operate is to enroll the Advocates prepared to apply predominately inside the territorial confines of that NRI Legal Services State and to complete the features of the Bar Council of India inside the territory assigned to them.

‘‘Anyone who continues to be through just one of those races is a huge advocate of marketing campaign finance reform,’ he claimed.’

1 : someone (as a NRI Legal Services NRI Legal Services) who is effective and argues in guidance of A different's cause especially in court two : an individual NRI Legal Services or team that defends or maintains a trigger or proposal a client advocate advocate

mostly to be a noun which means "a NRI Legal Services single who pleads the reason for A further," and he urged Webster to condemn the verb's use. In fact, the verb was not as new as Franklin assumed (etymologists have traced it again to 1599), nevertheless it was apparently surging in reputation in his working day.

There are exceptions for NRI Legal Services who're competent in other European jurisdictions, but all should take the training program as 'devils'.

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